May 2007

Mark Davis gave mini-presentations on VirtualBox, the newest open-source virtual machine, and Djvu, a way to store scanned images in a way that takes up MUCH less space than PDF.

Visitor Keith Lofstrom from the Portland Linux User's Group gave a presentation on Dirvish, an rsync based backup system.

Many discs were available at this meeting.

This meeting was NOT recorded.

Attendance: 18 Members, 0 New Members, 0 Returning Members, 2 Visitors = 20 attendees, minimum

Membership: 99 Members +0 New Members +0 Returning Members -8 Expired Members (Burgett, Fletcher, Goldberg, Lawrence, Lenentine, Pfeiffer, Reed, Verell)= 91 TWUUG Members

Treasury is $1823

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