This was the special Saturday "07 07 07" TWUUG meeting. From 12 noon to 3:30pm in the Lake Taylor Hospital employee cafeteria.

We gave away over 50 prizes, including 16 books donated by O'Reilly, shirts, mugs, hats, posters, clocks, magnets, totes, etc. We had more prizes than people, so EVERYONE won prizes and some won two. Joel donated a computer as a prize, also... we also gave away an SGI machine. Some random pieces of hardware were given away as well.

Lyman Byrd setup a machine for demo. And we can thank Stacy Long for coordinating the free food: 15 pizzas, brownies, and drinks; and Dave Harris for manning the reception table.

Attendance: 21 members +6 new members +1 returning member +11 visitors = 39 attendees, minimum.

Membership: 92 members +6 new members (Anton, Fields, Long, Long, Goodwin, Killough) +1 returning member (Haudricourt) -1 expired member (Cross) = 98 TWUUG members.

We spent $110 on food and $172 on prizes= $282 from the treasury. +$49 from disc donations -$24 in expenses. Treasury is now $1584.

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