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  • Mark Davis gave a presentation on Lake Taylor's major revision to its "resident computers". They are kiosk mode, Linux-based, networked computers based around Jetway Atom board, mounted on overbed tables or ergonomic wall mounts. The FOSS software is based on a Linux distro heavily modified by Mark to run X and Icewm (and other services) through custom startup scripts with a "deep freeze" type setup to offer Internet, games, and educational apps.
  • Henry Griggs gave a presentation on how to manage Slackware Linux's repository settings/package management system to get the most out of installing and updating one's system. Notes available here: http://henrysnotes.org/pres/index.html
  • Additional news about the Linux mobile scene, which continues to heat up and intensify.

Some discs were available.

Attendance: 24 members + 1 new + 3 returning + 0 visitors = 28 attendees, minimum.

Membership: 77 members + 1 new member (Bell) + 3 returning (VanCampen, Quiazon, Pancho) -2 expired members (Gruden, Southerland) = 79 TWUUG members

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