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  • Joe Sleeper gave a presention on RANCID a Linux-based Cisco and (other router) configuration tracking system.
  • Mark Davis gave a presentation on video formats and how to convert/crunch to x264 and other formats using Handbrake. Also, some conversation about:
    • New Linux kernel IDE driver modularity
    • New Xorg
    • The threat of Microsoft's Silverlight

The meeting was NOT recorded. Discs were available.

Attendance: 25 members +2 new members +3 returning members +1 visitors = 31 attendees, minimum.

Membership: 100 members +2 new members (Harper, Southerland) +3 returning members (Hall, Litchfield, Brelin) -2 expired members (Grubbs, Szczepankiewicz) - 1 data entry error correction = 102 TWUUG members.

We have two new "Fellow" status members:

  • James Jenkins, who has been with us since Sept of 2002
  • Andreas Kulbe, who has been with us since June 2002.


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