January 2007

Mark Davis presented on Shuttle computer hardware, what it looks like, the cooling systems, Linux compatibility, etc. Also showed an example of a dual-head/dual-code Linux Shuttle system.

Dave Harris Gave a presentation on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). How it works, how to use it, etc. Examples were give on the TWUUG IRC server. File:Irc-jan2007-pres.pdf

Michael Horta presented on IP Cop, a Linux distribution that turns an X86 machine into a very powerful and expandible router/switch/firewall/cache.

Discs were made available at this meeting.

This meeting was not recorded.

Attendance: 26 Members, 4 New Members, 4 Returning Members, 2 Visitors = 36 attendees, minimum

Membership: 98 Members +4 New Members (J.Johnson, Heath, Bilbrey, Costea) +4 Returning Members (Wagner, Alexander, Gammon, Holtom) -5 Expired Members (Callahan, Haudricourt, McKinley, Miller, Permenter)= 101 TWUUG Members

Treasury: $1767

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