January 2009

  • Mark Davis gave a brief overview of SouthWare, the Payroll/GL/AP software now used at Lake Taylor. Also showed how to install IES4Linux, a special version of WINE specifically to run MS-IE 6/7.
  • Free discussion about various topics: IE 8 standards, distributed & centralized Linux environments, etc.

The meeting was NOT audio recorded. No discs were available.

Attendance: 12 members +4 new +3 returning +2 visitors = 21 attendees, minimum.

Membership: 90 members +4 new members (Britt,Brown,Gruden,Wigglesworth) +3 returning (Amarasingle,Heyer,Costea) -6 expired members (Altonaga,Blocker,Dombroski,Horta,McConnell,K.Peters) = 91 TWUUG members.

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